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Areas of Specialization

Listed below are some of my areas of specialization. Every individual is unique. I have tried to present abbreviated examples of ways that I work with some individuals in certain situations and a bit of an overview of my therapy philosophy. Please click on any of the subjects listed below that are of particular interest to you.

Depression: The word depression describes a wide range of feelings and sensations that can include anything from a passing sad moment to a condition of intense grief that might include suicidal thoughts, delusions, and serious physical symptoms.

Anxiety: Anxiety can be viewed as both a wake up call and a serious handicap. It is a condition of being alive and it represents a range of feelings that we all experience.

Anger Management: Anger is not a psychiatric disorder. In fact, having angry feelings is a normal part of daily living. The key is to be able to recognize when you have angry feelings and express them appropriately or seek help when it is apparent you are not able to express yourself without losing control.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Drug and alcohol abuse take a tremendous toll on the body and the brain, yet the grip is hard to break. To the abuser, the drug of choice initially allows him/her to feel relaxed, happy, excited, or detached from a world that is experienced as painful or stressful.

Intimacy Issues: Intimacy and independence are the main components of adult relationships. These competing forces are at work in every relationship.

Sexual Identity: There is no one way to a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or heterosexual identity. An identity is formed through our genetic makeup and temperament as well as our thoughts, feelings, experiences, and environmental influences.

Couples Counseling: Problems and misunderstandings within a primary relationship are painful and disorienting. This is where we most expect to feel safe and understood. When there is a breakdown in this most significant of adult relationships, both partners feel isolated and at a loss about what to do.

Grief and Loss : Grief is very much a part of life. It comes in large and small doses throughout the life cycle and includes all significant losses as well as death.


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