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Sexual identity is a significant component of the human experience and can serve as a compelling motivator for therapy. It is important to explore the role of culture, sexual orientation, gender, race, class, age, and other variables when working with clients and especially when working on sexual identity issues.

Uncovering the ways individuals experience being privileged in some areas and disadvantaged in others opens up opportunities to heighten an awareness of human differences and increase empathy for oneself and others.

Sexual identity can evolve over time and same gender affectionate and sexual relationships have different meanings in different cultures. Identity is the link that connects individuals to the social world. The reality is that the social world is currently constructed to support and serve heterosexual relationships.

In an ideal world we might ask one another “Who are you?” instead of “How are you?” and get an answer that is shame free, honest, and revealing. It is through the asking and the telling that we discover who we really are. Because we don't live in an ideal world, the therapy room can be the next best place to explore sexual identity issues.

There is no one way to a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or heterosexual identity. An identity is formed through our genetic makeup and temperament as well as our thoughts, feelings, experiences, and environmental influences. Every individual benefits from opportunities to explore and clarify who he or she truly is. I provide a safe place for this process to take place and I offer support as related problems and concerns are worked through and resolved. There is no healthy trade-off in life for the integrity inherent in being oneself.


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