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My Approach to Therapy

My advanced training as a psychotherapist has included both a study of the post-modern brief therapies and the more in depth theories of object relations and self-psychology. I see value in both approaches, especially in this day of time-limited, results oriented psychotherapy desired by the managed care companies. I incorporate both concepts into depth oriented brief therapy when possible.

I believe it is my job as a therapist to look closely at life. Over time I have created a life for myself that is meaningful. I have discovered that meaning reveals itself through participation. Little can be revealed to me without my participation.

Clients come in and tell stories that describe the world they know and the role they play in it up to this point. Together we look for new ways to think about their problems and dilemmas. There are losses to grieve, skills to build, and anxiety to reduce, and in so doing, there will be opportunities to reverse the downward spiral of fear, anger, or abandonment with new stories about connection, compassion, and courage.

Working from the theoretical perspective of object relations and self-psychology, I am thinking of my clients in terms of the relationships they have had throughout their lives and how those relationships have impacted their development and now influence their desire for change. Lasting emotional change is accomplished through interactions with others. Therefore, my developing relationship with each client is of prime importance if I am to be of any significant help.

When clients are seriously involved in the change process, I never fail to be amazed by each individual's unique and fascinating way of discovering what is particularly meaningful. As they open up and participate in the process of understanding themselves and others, they connect on a deeper level to the full range and complexity of human emotions. A wider view of what they are capable of experiencing and contributing is revealed to them by their own efforts. Creativity blossoms.

Shorter-term psychotherapy involves relatively focused alterations in behavior and thought processes while longer-term psychotherapy can include significant shifts in perception and identity.


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